V Option
Below is the step-by-step instruction that help you enjoy trading in Voption in easy way! If you had other questions for us, please submit ticket or send us email via [email protected]
I. Account
How many account on Voption?
How to create new account on Voption?
How can I do when i forger password?
What is 2FA and how to setup it?
II. Trading
What is the minimum amount investment per trade?
How can I check my trading history?
What is the minimum amount investment per trade?
Why should I switch to the live account?
III. Deposit & Withdraw
How to deposit USDT to Voption?
What is minimum amount of money I can deposit and withdraw?
What should I do if the deposit did not arrived?
Do I need to pay fee if I want to deposit and withdraw money from Voption?
How to withdraw from Voption?
How can I check my transaction history?
IV. Referral Program
What is Agency License?
How to get referral link ?
I shared my Referral Link/Codes why haven't I received commission?
Why should I participate in referral program?
V. Copy Trade
What is Copy trade?
How can I use this function?
Can I stop copying?
VI. Insurance
Which benefits will I get when taking insurance for trading orders?
Do I need to pay for Insurance service?
Which account will Insurance service be used?
In case the expert I've been copying takes insurance, will I copy his action?
If I got 1 draw round and 5 lose rounds, would I be refunded my investment?
Being victor by your trading way
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